Cleaning Checklist

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You moved into a clean home (hopefully) so it is only right to move out of a clean home as well.  Many landlords require cleaning of their rental property prior to vacating in order to receive your security deposit back.  If they find items damaged or not cleaned according to their specifications, they are entitled to hold money to cover the cost to have it done professionally.  You will always want to check your original lease, along with an addendums that may have been added, for specifics.  Beyond that, we are going to help you not miss a single dust bunny when you clean according to our checklist.  Let’s get moving!




  • All walls wiped
  • All ceilings wiped
  • All wallpaper wiped
  • Holes in the walls should be patched (including nail holes)
  • Windows washed (inside and out)
  • All floors swept and mopped
  • All carpets shampooed
  • All batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors changed
  • Light bulbs replaced
  • Light fixtures in working order
  • Light fixtures wiped
  • Closets swept out and shelves wiped
  • Cabinets and drawers wiped out
  • Refrigerator wiped out
  • Dishwasher cleaned
  • Stove / oven cleaned (including drip pans)
  • Sinks cleaned
  • Drains unclogged
  • Doors wiped
  • All trash removed
  • Refer back to move in check list for items available at move in (curtain, rods, shades etc)
  • Garage and shed are swept
  • Grass cut
  • Flowerbeds weed free
  • Turn in garage door opener
  • Turn in all keys
  • Gutters cleaned
  • All systems are in proper working order